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In Palazzo Montanari 7-4-2018

1.Seminars on Ancient Greek Music

From October 25 and every last Thursday of the month till May 2019 I will teach a cycle of lessons on Ancient Greek Music at the Athens Conservatory. 

2. “Ancient Theatron”

2018 October 21. Premiere of the new production: THEATRON at the Dora Stratou Theater

The performance is designed as an exact replica of the ancient theatre in every detail, created and staged by an experienced team of professionals knowledgeable in the theatre arts and   academic research. The language is ancient Greek with English titles, theatre “machines” are copies of the originals and masks are made especially for the comedy and tragedy performances.

 3. Lyre Recital  and Seminar on Ancient Greek Music

Volos, Porphyrogeni Foundation, Agria, Volos

March 30 and 31 2019

Recital of Ancient Greek Lyre (March 30) and Seminar for music professors on Ancient Greek Music (31 in the morning)

4. April 6, 7 and 8 Brussels (Belgium)

Presentation of the musical "Selfish Giant" (April 6 and 7) with the Lykeion of Greek Women

Recital and Seminar on Ancient Greek Music at the European School

5. May 31 "Oedipus Rex" in Vladivostok

6. June 9 at Telogleio Museum in Thessaloniki. Lecture - Concert for the MOISA


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