Incidental Music for the play "Prometheus's Evocation" by Christopher Christophis

"Το Κάλεσμα του Προμηθέα" του Χριστόφορου Χριστοφή στο Μέγαρο Μουσικης Αθηνών

Μουσικό Δράμα σε μουσική και διεύθυνση ορχήστρας Νίκου Ξανθούλη

7, 8 και 9 Οκτωβρίου 2021 στην Αίθουσα Τριάντη 

The music and the orchestra of Nikos Xanthoulis were enchanting. It gave a lyrical and imposing atmosphere, with Ludwig van Beethoven as the protagonist. It was transformed into a conceptual carrier of dramatic-poetic expression. He deciphered and highlighted the mental states of the heroes. The music enlightened and unfolded the actions of the actors. In addition, it contributed significantly to the sequence of the drama and to the interconnection of characters and motivations. (Theatrical Critic "About Woman")

Who? Who is listening to us?

2021 March Incidental Music for the play of Ch. Christofis "Euripides Furens"
The shooting took place at the cave of Euripides in Salamina!

470-460 BC
Part of the marble Trophy of the Marathon battle

Music for the digital Exhibition of the Greek Ministry of Culture

Τhe exhibition "Proving History" was implemented by the Directorate of Archaeological Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs following the concept of synergies and interconnectivity between Museums, in order to introduce the visitor of nine collaborating Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to the atmosphere of historical events and the virtual visitor into an enriched digital experience.

The "Chryssea Phorminx" in Milan. A concert for the Friends of La Scala October 15, 2021

The "Chryssea Phorminx" in collaboration with the Chorus of the Public Radio will present the ancient Greek Music with arrangements by N. X. End of May 2021

"The Invocation of Prometheus" , incidental music by Nikos Xanthoulis for the Christoforos Christofis's play will be presented in October 2021 (7-8-9) at the Megaron Mousikes in Athens with live orchestra.

The "Chryssea Phorminx" will be on tv in the frame of the ERT3 tv program "Greek Acts" (Ελλήνων Δρώμενα) February 9 of 2021 at 18:00 

The Concert at the Stanislavski Theater (Moscow, ансамбль Tempo Restauro, дирижер Мария Максимчук) is postponed for next year

Vladivostok, Music for the "Maitre and Margarita" at the Academic State Theater named M. Gorki



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