Oedipus Rex from Vadivostok

Vladivostok May 31 2019

Aechaeological Site of Peristeria August 11, 2018

"Sappho-Elytis and the lyre of Orpheus"
Xanthoulis's settings in music of Sappho's verses (a combination with Hadjidakis's "Kelomai se Goggyla")

Aechaeological Site of Peristeria August 11, 2018

"Sappho-Elytis and the lyre of Orpheus"
Hadjidakis's "With the first drop of the rain"

Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza 5-4-2018

General Rehearsal at Teatro Olimpico
Finale from "Eumenides" with Stefanos Kaltsis and Sofia Giannitsiou.

Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (arrangement for symphonic band) with John Karabetsos as soloist

Το Μουσικό Καραβάνι από την Rosarte στο Μέγαρο Μουσικής. The Music Caravan

“Το Moυσικό Καραβάνι”
στίχοι/ μουσική: Νίκος Ξανθούλης
από την παιδική όπερα
"ΤΟ ΜΑΓΙΚΟ ΒΙΟΛΙ" (Μ. Γραμματικάκη - Ν. Ξανθούλης)
Συνάντηση χορωδιών 6/3/2016 Μέγαρο Μουσικής Αθηνών
Αίθουσα Αλεξάνδρας Τριάντη
ROSARTE Children's Choir
Conductor : Rosie Mastrosavva
Piano: Jenny Soulkouki
Cajon: Periklis Kaloumenos
Βίντεο-Μοντάζ: Θ. Μπουρλικάσκος-Κ.Γκίκας

Concerto for Ancient Greek Lyre and Orchestra

Excerpts from the Concerto for Ancient Greek Lyre and Symphony Orchestra, World Premiere in Jelenia Gora December 30-2015 and in Berlin 31-12-2105. Symphony Orchestra of the Lower Silesia. Conductor: Dariusz Mikulski, Ancient Greek Lyre: Nikos Xanthoulis

Orpheus's Lyre

A CD for solo Ancient Greek 7 String Lyre

Xanthoulis' Concerto for Trumpet

Nikos Xanthoulis: Concerto for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra (1995)
Trumpet: Philipp Lüdecke
Ensemble Oktopus für Musik der Moderne
Conductor: Konstantia Gourzi
9 December 2014, Reaktorhalle, Munich

Fantasy for trumpet and piano.

Trumpet: Nikos Xanthoulis
Piano: Lila Soussi

The Magic Violin at the Greek National Opera

From the Greek National Opera, May 2011


Music for Eumenides I composed for Epidaurus Festival 2004 with Anna Synodinou

Euripides' Helen 1st Version

Euripides' Helen. Incidental Music for the Knossos Theater

Euripides Helen (2nd version) in Herodion

Let's recite Odyssey

Every last Sunday of the month from January 2017 till December of 2017 N. Xanthoulis with the aid of the public recited two rhapsodies. By the end of the year, we had recited the whole Odyssey.