The Revival of the Ancient Greek 7 String Lyre

Ancient Greece and its civilization, endlessly accompanies us in our long journey of life, as it always manages to bring out the substantial concerns of mankind. With the sound of the most eminent ancient Greek instrument, Words and Music take another dimension.


Golden Phorminx is a new music ensemble, where the lyre (Nikos Xanthoulis) meets the violin (Zisimos Soulkoukis) and the cello (Michalis Porfyris) on equal terms. Accompanying the wonderful voice of Theodora Baka we present a wide repertorio of music from ancent times till nowadays. This is the first time after 16 centuries where the lyre talks with the western instruments giving a new dimension to a dialogue between past and present.


The first Method of Learning the 7 String Ancient Greek Lyre

A video by Antonis Stelianesis featuring the main principles of my work